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What is Chemical Deformulation?

Also known as reverse engineering, chemical deformulation is an analytical procedure that separates and identifies the individual components of a chemical substance. This process is particularly useful when a supplier has withdrawn a particular product from sale, or when a chemical formula needs to be updated in order to comply with new regulations.

At ReAgent, this chemical analysis allows us to identify and quantify the ingredients within a formulation so that it can be successfully reproduced. Customers will often ask us to manufacture a product that is functionally similar to one they’re currently using. By carrying out chemical deformulation, we are able to meet this specification quickly and cost effectively.

The Process

The deformulation process often starts with a current safety data sheet and a sample of the product in question. It is important for us to obtain a good understanding of the application of the product as this can impact the final solution offered. Once the deformulation process is complete, we usually send out a sample for evaluation purposes.

It may not always be possible to get to the point where the exact composition of a chemical is understood. This is because of factors such as time, cost, or the availability of specialised analytical equipment. Despite this, ReAgent have successfully carried out many deformulations in the past to ensure that we fulfil the needs of our customers.

Our Reverse Engineering Service

While ReAgent is not a dedicated testing laboratory, we do have over 40 years’ experience in the chemical manufacturing industry. We also accredited with multiple Quality Standards, so you know that when you’re with ReAgent, you’re with a company you can trust.

As part of our deformulation service, we’re also able to product CLP-compliant labels and safety data sheets. We can even offer advice on suitable packaging, and assist with sourcing raw materials.

We take each request on its own merits, and always give an honest response to individual requests. If we can help with your product, we will advise a realistic turnaround time. If we’re not able to help, we are more than happy to point our customers towards a more useful direction. Please note that our deformulation service is only available in cases where we would later be manufacturing the product.

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